We are Australia's Oldest Certified Organic Vineyard and Winery

Botobolar's 22-hectare vineyard was established in 1971 and is Australia's oldest certified organic vineyard. The vines have  been grown organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers from day one.

By growing grape vines organically and in balance with the environment, we're not demanding too much from them or the soil. This enables the vines to flourish, delivering premium fruit for our handcrafted wines. We are proud deliver to you, good value premium organic wines.

Botobolar's organic dryland vineyard is famous for its rich and spicy Shiraz, chocolate and mint Cabernet Sauvignon, and Busby clone Chardonnay. Our bit of earth delivers some of the best grapes in the district.

Botobolar is also renowned for its Preservative Free and Low Preservative Wines.  As with organic wine making we are again a pioneer in this field and are the original creator of organic preservative free wine producing it since 1984.

Unfortunately the vineyard has succumbed to climate change factors, we've had too many droughts to have the vineyard remain viable.  The 2017 KK's Choice Shiraz was the last wine crafted at Botobolar order some hereIt appears in due course the vines will be pulled out.