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Sourced from premium organically grown fruit in Canowindra region (Central Ranges) and handcrafted into a delicious easy drinking wine.


Analysis pH 3.68 TA (Tartaric) 5.8g/L RS < 0.5g/L Total Sulfur Dioxide 0 mg/L

Botobolar 2022 Organic Preservative Free Shiraz

  • Growing Season

    Vintage 2022 was the second of three subsequent La Nina years, rain events were regular and exacerbated by a robust tropical pulse (MJO) of wet weather circulating the globe. Budburst was late on the ten-year average but around normal for the forty-year average (a great reflection of climate change) and the growing season was needed to continue to strengthen the vines after a significant
    drought a few years earlier. The team was challenged with disease mitigation but worked around the clock to ensure a healthy, high-quality crop. The longer-term weather forecasts were indicating average rainfall in the ripening and harvest months, this luckily did eventuate. The cooler and above-average rainfall year was quite suitable for cabernet sauvignon this year. The ripeness of flavour
    is testimony to the season and hard work applied by the vineyard team. The fruit was harvested when displaying profile balance and darker berry fruits.

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